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Find out why Xero is the world's leading online accounting software.

Xero provides up to date information on your business so we can give you timely advice

Rush & Associates accountants are proud to be a Xero partner. The reason we love Xero is that it's really simple to use, so you can easily keep your books up to date.  Because it's so easy to use, you will cut back time on administrative matters and use that time to focus on your business. We also love that Xero is online because when you keep your books up to date that enables us, as your accountant, to also access that data and provide timely feedback and advice about your business.

Access Xero Anywhere, Whenever

As long as you can get an internet connection, you can access Xero on any device using a web browser. So you can travel the world and if you need to check on your business data, you can. 

Automatic Bank Feeds

With Xero you won't need to manually process bank statements because Xero has automatic daily bank feeds to process them for you. Using Xero's simple bank reconciliation all you have to do is link them. 

Flexible Feature Rich Invoicing

Ever been frustrated by clunky and inflexible software to customise and deliver your invoices? Thankfully Xero's invoicing customisation and email delivery is both flexible and feature rich to enable you to re-invigorate your invoices.

Single Ledger

As Xero is online we can access that live data and provide you feedback and advice regarding your business. Also there's no more confusion with multiple files nor having to send files to and fro with your accountant.


Isn't it time you made the change to Xero and see how much of a difference it will make to your business?

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